Friday, March 26, 2010

Free Speech Follow Up

For those concerned about Anne Coulter (see previous blog entry), here is another one. A real test of those who argue that Coulter's right to free speech was violated is whether or not they will ride to the rescue of David Frum:

How would I approach this issue. I might begin by saying the same thing as I said about Coulter: I don't really follow David Frum. There are some parallels, I think: we're dealing with private institutions, pundits, people who have access to the media, and unpopular views. In this case, the question -- it seems to me -- the question is whether or not the AEI violated their contract with Frum. The big difference, as you might imagine, is that we are dealing with a policy debate as opposed to someone who was insulting people on the basis of their religion. There might be a moral issue here, too: is the AEI a think tank or is it the propaganda arm of the Republican Party? If they legally removed Frum from his position, it seems to me that this is a question they need to answer. 

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