Monday, December 05, 2011

Eee pad slider

This has nothing to do with Canada or Canadian Studies. I thought I'd pause to boast and report. I used a bit of extra money (sounds stupid but it is an accurate description) I had to by and Eee pad slider. It is a iPad with a keyboard attached that slides out. It is not apple and so not an iPad. It run Android and I have to admit it is a pretty cool machine.  You can see a pic and get a description here: slider.

I am a long time apple user. I feel almost funny saying that and an apple fan. But, I have to admit the slider is a good tablet. I have a version 1 iPad so I can't comment on the iPad 2 works, but Android is more responsive in terms of opening applications. The web browser is chrome and it loads faster then safari. The e-mail set up is quick (the client is not aesthetically that great, however). And there are a tonne of free games that my daughter has already downloaded. It is also pretty darned intuitive and its version of the dock is better places then the iPads and so it is easier to use. The keyboard is not full sized but it is better then the keyboards available for the iPad. In short, I am fairly impressed.

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